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Do You Hire for Competency but Fire for Fit?

Too often, companies hire based on a candidate’s skill and competency, but fire for fit (or lack of fit)!   Employers face an uphill battle in improving the success rate of hiring great additions to their team who turn out to make a significant impact in their roles, their teams and with your prospects and customers.

Job Fit Powr of Right Person

Better Insight…. Better Success Rate!

What tools are you currently using to help you make a better hiring decision that you will celebrate one year from now?  The typical selection process relies heavily on an interview to make a hiring decision.

  1. How skilled are your managers at interviewing?
  2. Do you take full advantage of the time invested in an interview?

The surprising (or not so surprising) fact uncovered in a survey by SHRM – the Society for Human Resources Management are rather alarming.

Rely On More Than 4.3 Minutes To Make Critical Hiring Decision!

SHR Hiring Timing Study -

Most hiring decisions are based on how impressive a candidate is at interviewing and relies almost exclusively on the intuition of the manager.   Within 4.3 minutes, how well do you really know your potential new employee?

Adding Science to the Art of Hiring

Iceberg - Above Water

Are You Looking Below the Surface?


Iceberg - Below Water

14% or 75% More Successful?

A decision that can impact your company’s success significantly can be improved above a 14% success rate if you improve your understanding of a candidate by the insights provided in a validated Job Fit/Job Match assessment that also equips you to interview based upon a Gap Analysis of who that candidate is vs. a benchmark of excellence for each position you are seeking to fill!


Utilize All Selection Resources - Job Fit .

Measure Fit for the Position, the Team, the Manager and the Company!


Job Fit Harvard Business Review

Our Assessment Programs help you size up individual applicants and determine the level of fit for the position and goes further to show you how that individual can fit within a team, with a particular manager and sheds light on overall fit with the company’s unique culture.   Information is also provided to help place that individual “on the right seat on the bus” initially and also helps you in your success planning to identify up and coming hires who can be high potential fits for future positions within your company!


Assess Whole Person Across 3 Job Fit Spheres

Job Fit 3 Spheres - Measure - Discover


Leverage Insightful Job Fit Profile & Customized Interview Guide

Job Fit Profile and Interview Guides

Leverage Team Fit & Individual Coaching Reports

 Job Fit Team and Coaching Reports

Great Job Fit Ripple Effects

Job Fit Far Reaching Impact


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