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Posted by David Parsley on January 6, 2016.
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A relevant blog post from Profiles International’s Workplace 101 Blog originally published in 2015 by Finola Searles.   Let’s discuss ways you can measure Top Performance and hire more Top Performers to help break your 2016 goals!    Learn more about what Great Job Fit Assessments can do for you.

There are two main elements that drive management’s decision in the hiring process: sustainable results and top talent. Companies want outcomes and in most industries the only way to achieve positive outcomes is through the heart of the business: its people. Hiring is a time consuming and challenging procedure for both managers and candidates. The recruitment landscape is evolving with the changing workforce and if you want to hire the best, you need to engage with them and show off your organization’s strengths. Revolutionize your recruitment strategy and follow these four steps if you’re serious about hiring the right job fit and reducing employee turnover within your company.

Evaluate the needs of your company instead of focusing on filling an empty slot. LinkedIn Pulse writer, Lou Adler, suggests defining the job as a series of performance objectives instead of years of experience and a list of required skills. “Focus on outcomes and how the best people use their skills on the job, not the skills themselves.” Set a standard for performance then consider how a candidate aligns with the culture of the company. These are not interchangeable or a substitute for the other if you insist on hiring the strongest candidate for the job fit within your organization.

Administer pre-hire assessments to reveal specific qualities of a candidate that may not be presented on their resume. Assessments like the ProfileXT®strip stereotypes, evaluate job fit compatibility, and map out the content of an individual—they are not pass or fail tests. Use assessment results as a supplement to a candidate’s resume to make the most informed decision about their job fit in your company.

Invest in talent the first time so you don’t have to repeat the process six months down the road. This might be the game changer for retaining and reducing employee turnover. Hiring for job fit requires time and effort from engaged management. Be transparent and communicate the values of the company in the job description. Create an interview environment that allows you to better “understand the candidate’s character, work ethic, learning ability, how the person deals with adversity, and the person’s leadership ability. These are not soft skills. They’re the foundation of the person’s character and ability to succeed” says Adler.

Hire the best job fit and nurture their professional abilities as they progress in their position. Encourage employees to continuously learn and develop their skills and you will be surprised by how much employee turnover is reduced.

Employees want to know that they are valued and that their work is contributing to the success of the business. Building brand loyalty among employees will translate to a company’s customers and their competition. There is nothing more appealing to a candidate than to see employees working together for a company they respect and value. Companies that are committed to their employees are more likely to reduce employee turnover and retain top talent than companies who don’t.

Author: David Parsley

David Parsley Helping businesses Achieve Great Results Through Great People is our goal at Parsley Performance Solutions. David Parsley is an experienced and results-oriented business executive with a proven record in sales, business partner channel development and in helping businesses address "People Challenges" successfully through the proper use of employee surveys, job fit assessments, sales acceleration programs, sales compensation plan software, and leadership 360 feedback and development programs.

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