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Posted by David Parsley on January 14, 2016.
Right People on Bus
Great Job Fit People Pop Quiz

Tuesday, February 2016, 11:00AM Eastern

Great Job Fit: How to Get the Right People on Your Bus!

How do you answer these three important questions that many company leaders have addressed after reading Jim Collins’ best selling book – “Good to Great”.

1.  Who is on your bus?

2.  Do you want more Top Performers on your bus who fit your company best?

3.  If you could add more “A” players to your team and develop those already on your bus, how would this impact your company’s results, employee engagement and customer satisfaction?  

Learn how companies and organizations are excelling by putting the right people on their bus, placing them in the right seat, promoting them to positions that fit them best and help plan for future success through succession planning.   An additional Q&A session at the end of the presentation will complete the scheduled 45 minute webinar.  Everyone who registers for this webinar will receive a free copy of the eBook Job Fit: The Power of the Right Person.

The webinar will address many of the topics presented in this eBook including:

  • What is job fit?
  • Why you should establish job fit
  • The concept of job fit in 3 simple steps
  • The impact of job fit on the individual
  • The organizational impact of identifying job fit
  • How job fit assessments help you hire and develop
  • Big data, HR style
  • How to spot a job fit problem

Webinar seating is limited so Register Today!   After you register, you will receive an email with webinar call instructions.    

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Author: David Parsley

David Parsley Helping businesses Achieve Great Results Through Great People is our goal at Parsley Performance Solutions. David Parsley is an experienced and results-oriented business executive with a proven record in sales, business partner channel development and in helping businesses address "People Challenges" successfully through the proper use of employee surveys, job fit assessments, sales acceleration programs, sales compensation plan software, and leadership 360 feedback and development programs.

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