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An in-depth look at how 14 different organizations utilized Profiles’ employee assessments and help from their Strategic Business Partner to solve important challenges related to selection, development, and engagement of their workforce and leaders.

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Successful Onboarding


Profiles International’s new eBook, Onboarding: Strengthen the Core of Your Business, offers tips to develop a healthy and effective onboarding process.

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Banking and Financial Services Industry

Case Study: Banking & Financial Services Industry

By understanding an individual’s attributes, offering training that fits their style, and working with the Customer Service Reps
through coaching, the bank has been rewarded by not only lowering turnover, but also increasing customer satisfaction.

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Insurance Industry

Case Study: Insurance Industry

The company began using ProfileXT® to pinpoint the characteristics that lead to top performance. With this information, they were able to determine which potential employees would drive success in their organization. The decision to use ProfileXT® has helped achieve enormous success and sustain a turnover rate that is significantly below its competitors.

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Healthcare Industry

Pages from healthcare-case-study-treating-turnover-with-pxt

After 15 months of using PXT for assessing new team members, turnover had dropped by half. It has remained well below both
the original turnover figure of 34 percent for first-year employees, and well below the national average of 29 percent turnover for the healthcare industry.

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Leadership Charisma


Many business leaders struggle to lead and motivate their staff to achieve the results demanded by their shareholders. By becoming more charismatic leaders, your audience can dramatically increase engagement, productivity, profitability, and even the success of their careers.

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Why Smart Employees Underperform

19-Why Smart Employees Underperform

We’ve all been there. After an extensive and thorough search for a line manager, one candidate stands out. You hired the qualified individual, only to find there’s a disconnect with the new employee. This report discusses ways to prevent underperformance.

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The Powerful Act of Coaching Employees

17-The Powerful Act of Coaching Employees

Coaching not only changes the culture of an organization, but it increases performance and leads to a significant return on investment. This briefing helps business leaders better understand the importance and value of continuous coaching.

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Executives Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

10-Executives Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning is a process that ensures your business has the right people in the right jobs at the right time to achieve your expected results. This report explores six steps of strategic workforce planning and offers some advice for achieving results.

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Fostering a Culture of Engagement

11-Fostering a Culture of Engagement

This report helps you begin the process of learning about employee engagement in your organization. We will describe three levels of engagement: organizational, managerial, and employee, and give you some practical ideas to improve engagement in your organization.

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5 Critical Management Derailers

04-five-Critical Management Derailers

Why do front-line managers fail, and what can be done to avoid failure? This report elaborates on five critical issues and offers common-sense advice for helping your managers avoid them.

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