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Parsley Performance Solutions’ focus is to help you “Achieve Great Results Through Great People”.

Parsley Performance Solutions

The most critical building blocks of any successful business or organization are the people you hire, develop and retain. Parsley Performance Solutions is proud to be a Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International, the leader in the employee assessment and leadership development industry for over twenty years.

We believe that everyone has God given talents and abilities and when these are identified and applied in the proper job both the employee and employer will be successful at what they do. Through our comprehensive suite of employee assessments and performance management solutions, our clients gain a competitive advantage by selecting the right people and managing them to their full potential.

What Goals and Results do you want to achieve?  Our programs will help you:

  • Select and retain Top Performers fitted for the right position
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Reduce turnover, absenteeism and cost of theft
  • Maximize each employee’s contribution to the entire organization
  • Improve sales results through selection and coaching of sales persons
  • Identify your best candidates for leadership and management succession planning
  • Strengthen management-employee teamwork
  • Reduce workforce conflict
  • Identify and improve employee engagement levels
  • Increase the return on your investment in people


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